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Strategic Consulting

Whether you’re new to leadership or a seasoned veteran, we will give you the personal attention you need to maximize your leadership potential.

Performance Tactics

Are all of your followers meeting your expectations? If not, we will help you develop the tools needed to ensure everyone is contributing at least satisfactorily towards accomplishing your mission.

Climate Assessments

If things aren’t going right, is it really “them?” We’ll help you find out where the “real” issues in your organization are.

Free Introductory Videos

Check out these cool clips that address various leadership topics.

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Program Topics

Not sure what you need – here’s a list to help organize your thoughts.

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Facilitation Skill Building

Whether you lead one person or a thousand, you need to ensure your message is being internalized and applied successfully. We’ll help you develop those skills!

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A Track Record That Delivers

In today’s world, the stakes of leadership could not be higher.  The solution and resolution to every problem we face is effective leadership.  BGL Strategies has supported some of the largest organizations in the world in elevating their climate and has results to show for the decades of experience.  We change behavior for long term results and build leaders that others WANT to follow.

BGL leadership development graduates who were promoted within one year
Level 1 evaluation (participant's reaction) who's results were 'Excellent'
Employees left due to poor leadership

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Leaders do what needs to be done. You know what you need to do. Now is the time! Every day you wait is another day of putting your mission at risk of failure.

We have decades of experience and will customize a solution to meet your needs.

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Expertly customized for your success.

BGL Strategies is more than a leadership development consulting firm. It's more than a group of people changing the world. It's a way of being. A paradigm shift. An experience. A MOVEMENT.


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